Simple Words Of Common Understanding

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A picture of the earth with the letter u in front.Friday, March 13th was the beginning of a Jay’s Blog. In the days ahead I will define why the 10 positive principles of the poem, “I Understand” are so universal. They are Simple Words Of Common Understanding which will build healthy relationships worldwide. Watch for your profession each day.

Humanity is familiar with the Ten Commandments handed down by Moses. They were framed mostly in negative statements of things “Not to do”, except for the Third and Fourth ones which can be a little confusing. Are Abusive parents to be honored and what is the purpose of a day of rest in 2015? A higher consciousness commands us to live by positive guidelines of what “TO do”, instead of “Not to do”. The ten principles of “I Understand” are positive actions. God is constant, but understanding evolves.

The Poem, “I Understand”:

When I understand, I STAND UNDER.

When I stand under, I SUPPORT.

When I support, I LIFT UP.

When I lift up, I RAISE.

When I raise, I PRAISE.

When I Praise, I ENCOURAGE.

When I encourage, I STRENGTHEN.

When I strengthen, I EMPOWER.

When I empower, I RELEASE

When I release, I LET GO.

When I let go, I LET GOD.

When I let God, I UNDERSTAND. Copy write, 1999, Jay Woods

Today one of the most popular songs ever recorded is “Let It Go”. Why is it ringing so loudly in our hearts? Because we are beginning to wake up and understand what we must do to create peace. God can be anything and everything, but who’s God? Letting go is the key regardless of what we let go of or who we let go to. Letting go will eventually produce peace in relationships instead of enforcing wills to create war. A paradigm shift in humanities thinking is needed. Then we will thrive, practicing positive principles producing positive results instead of living by negative statements based on the fear of consequences. Living by the principles of the poem, “I Understand” will breathe freedom, confidence and optimism into the hearts of humanity and we can follow the Ten Commandments as well.