Yes I Understand Spiritual Curriculum

Spiritual Educational Curriculum


“Yes! I Understand” is a spiritual curriculum. The positive directives of the poem, “I Understand” guide the student/s to challenge their own authority within, in order to uncover any error thought which might need to be replaced with new thought in order to discover who they really are. The Yes I Understand spiritual curriculum was written for Pastors,Ministers and congregants seeking a 6 week curriculum package.

The poem was first published in March 2010 in Daily Word, a Unity magazine. Focus and advisory groups have contributed to the development of this six week curriculum over the past 7 years. The book, “Yes! I Understand”, contains my introductory talk to introduce the six week teaching series. The talk and optional workshop are available on video or can be given through my personal appearance.

I have created a student spiritual curriculum package containing:

  • The book, “Yes! I Understand”
  • A bookmark
  • 6 original gift boxes
  • 17 song CD
  • Study guide and journal to help student/s do the work necessary to receive The Gift of Understanding.

The positive directives of the poem will guide them to experience positive feelings of faith, hope and love.

The resulting new experience is a life of fulfillment and cooperation which overcome feelings of lack and separation.


The PoemYes I Understand Spiritual Curriculum Bookmark

Un~der~stand: To stand among and perceive the meaning of; to see the light.

Webster’s Dictionary

The Purpose

The poem is a path to understanding how to live a positive, healthy life. Its message supports healing, raises individual consciousness and builds faith in a power greater than ourselves which leads to peaceful coexistence. Just say, “YES I UNDERSTAND” and join us in spreading understanding throughout the world.

The Passion

The vision and mission of “Yes I Understand” has been in development since the turn of the century. The poem was penned in 1999 then put into bookmark form in the year 2000. Bookmarks were later laminated in 2008 and the poem copyrighted and published in The Daily Word in March 2010. It was distributed to 110 countries in 7 languages. Since then many life path products have been created. All curriculums and products are the creative expressions of Jay Woods. The comprehensive story of “I Understand” will be told in a book, “Yes! I Understand” to be published in 2017.

The Prediction

The positive directives will guide future generations to experience peaceful coexistence.

The Products

We offer a wide array of products from our spiritual curriculum. The book, “Yes I Understand”, Gift Boxes, Bookmarks, Music CD’s and Sheet Music! Along with these fine products we also offer instructional curricula and companion guides to minister the affirming concept of I Understand. Join us as we spread understanding and enlightenment throughout the world.

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