Yes I Understand Spiritual Curriculum

The Infomercial for God!

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See Jay Woods amazing "Infomercial For God" at your church!  Jay is on tour right now and headed your way!  Here's a little more about it:

Do any of you remember that story about the little engine that could. He was trying to get up a hill and kept saying, “I think I can. I think I can,” but he wasn’t quite sure. Then as he gets nearer to the top of the hill he says,” I know I can. I know I can.” He’s feeling a little more confident and adequate. He finally succeeds, reaches the top and declares, “I knew I could. I knew I could.”

We often hear messages about JOY and LOVE. But sometimes when we come to church we are not feeling joyful or loving. Have you ever felt like no matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to change things in your life? I know I have. Have you ever felt like no matter what you do you just can’t make someone else happy?

American marketers play right into our feelings of lack and inadequacy. They are very good at tempting and convincing us that we need their products. If we can’t afford to buy their products, we can feel very inadequate. Advertisers try to convince us that their product is going to make us see, hear, smell, taste or feel better, improve us and satisfy our feelings of lack. They hook us with tempting messages and smiley face scenarios while they make their containers smaller and charge us more for what appears to be the same size carton. They hope we don’t notice. Coffee and sugar used to be sold in 1 or 5 lb. sizes. But now the manufacturers give us smaller sizes for the same old price that 1 lb. or 5 lbs. used to cost.  It’s called downsizing, and they are going to downsize somuch until we will be buying a "BOX OF NUTHIN"!

Join Jay as he teaches you how you can give love to another, with a box of "Something for Nuthin', Just because YOU act of unconditional LOVE!
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I will deliver a 25-minute power point presentation titled, “An Infomercial for God, Spirit in a Box”, which deals with overcoming feelings of lack. I DO NOT CHARGE A SPEAKER FEE OR TRAVEL EXPENSE. For billing purposes provide my company, I Understand LLC, a copy of your sales tax exemption certificate.

I use 3 different gift boxes in the presentation. They are original creations of mine and owned and distributed by I Understand LLC, a Kansas Corporation.

  • “Spirit in a Box” is a gift I give to the congregants who attend.
  • “The Amazing Box of Nuthin’” and “Something for Nuthin’” are purchased by the church from my motor home inventory at a total cost of only $5.00 for each attending congregant which will be invoiced later.
  • Church staff will handle after service retail sales transactions of my books, bookmarks, CDs and other gift boxes so that I can visit with congregants. Inventory is provided by IULLC. At the end of the event, the church tabulates the proceeds, retains 25% and issues a check to IULLC for 75% of the total retail sales. Upon receipt of this payment IULLC will issue an itemized paid invoice.
  • The church can order any of my products at wholesale prices for future sales in the bookstore.
  • I suggest that the church could specifically purchase a supply of the box of “Something for Nuthin’”, and fill it with church materials such as bulletins, The Daily Word or Unity Magazine and give it to new visitors.
  • Additional inventory of any IULLC product can be purchased at any time. Purchases are billed on net 30-day terms.

Gratefully Yours, John A. (Jay) Woods

Spiritual Educational Curriculum


“Yes! I Understand” is a spiritual curriculum. The positive directives of the poem, “I Understand” guide the student/s to challenge their own authority within, in order to uncover any error thought which might need to be replaced with new thought in order to discover who they really are. The Yes I Understand spiritual curriculum was written for Pastors,Ministers and congregants seeking a 6 week curriculum package.

The poem was first published in March 2010 in Daily Word, a Unity magazine. Focus and advisory groups have contributed to the development of this six week curriculum over the past 7 years. The book, “Yes! I Understand”, contains my introductory talk to introduce the six week teaching series. The talk and optional workshop are available on video or can be given through my personal appearance.

I have created a student spiritual curriculum package containing:

  • The book, “Yes! I Understand”
  • A bookmark
  • 6 original gift boxes
  • 17 song CD
  • Study guide and journal to help student/s do the work necessary to receive The Gift of Understanding.

The positive directives of the poem will guide them to experience positive feelings of faith, hope and love.

The resulting new experience is a life of fulfillment and cooperation which overcome feelings of lack and separation.


The PoemYes I Understand Spiritual Curriculum Bookmark

Un~der~stand: To stand among and perceive the meaning of; to see the light.

Webster's Dictionary

The Purpose

The poem is a path to understanding how to live a positive, healthy life. Its message supports healing, raises individual consciousness and builds faith in a power greater than ourselves which leads to peaceful coexistence. Just say, "YES I UNDERSTAND" and join us in spreading understanding throughout the world.

The Passion

The vision and mission of "Yes I Understand" has been in development since the turn of the century. The poem was penned in 1999 then put into bookmark form in the year 2000. Bookmarks were later laminated in 2008 and the poem copyrighted and published in The Daily Word in March 2010. It was distributed to 110 countries in 7 languages. Since then many life path products have been created. All curriculums and products are the creative expressions of Jay Woods. The comprehensive story of "I Understand" will be told in a book, "Yes! I Understand" to be published in 2017.

The Prediction

The positive directives will guide future generations to experience peaceful coexistence.

The Products

We offer a wide array of products from our spiritual curriculum. The book, "Yes I Understand", Gift Boxes, Bookmarks, Music CD's and Sheet Music! Along with these fine products we also offer instructional curricula and companion guides to minister the affirming concept of I Understand. Join us as we spread understanding and enlightenment throughout the world.

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