Simple Words Of Common Understanding

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A picture of the earth with the letter u in front.At times there are words that won’t translate from one language to another. Confusion can result. Some people stay stuck with the same point of view simply because they cannot understand another point of view. Various interpretations of the words used to express that point of view confounds understanding. Misinterpretation and confusion hinder growth.

Thus, becoming willing to surrender the understanding of the life you have come to know refreshes and opens the mind to begin recording fresh data and new words of understanding often leading to a new point of view.

The relevancy of opposites becomes apparent leading one to conclude there is no right or wrong, but just a point of view. The learning experience creates stepping stones in the ascension of consciousness.

Letting go of the truthI have come to know and believe in can be the best actionI can take for myself. Thus a simple song from a Disney movie, “Frozen” says it best and resonates in the hearts and minds of the child in us all. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go.